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Legal guidelines state that a Fire Risk Assessment must be carried out by a ‘competent person,’ First Intervention have multiple fire risk consultant’s competent to undertake fire risk assessments ranging from COMAH sites, multi-story high rise building, hospitals, offices, shops and restaurants.

 All our fire risk consultants’ competences include, NEBOSH Fire safety & Risk management, Graduate IFE (GIFireE), Occupancy in the fire service, FDIS DipFD and more. 

First Intervention also provide Health and safety assessments First Intervention health and safety consultants are competent in all aspects of health and safety and all include  NEBOSH qualifications in health and safety, environmental, construction and fire.

Complete Fire Risk Assessment

If you are in control of any part of a commercial premises you are under a legal obligation to carry out a detailed fire risk assessment to identify risks and hazards in the premises.FIT’s specialists are usually ex-fire service professionals who have seen, first hand, the damage caused by oversights in this field of competence.Our people are highly qualified IFE consultants but they also have years of experience ‘at the sharp end’ and a passion to get this highly critical discipline spot-on, first time, every time.


Fire Doors Assessment

Just like other life safety devices, fire doors and final escape doors need inspection and maintenance to ensure that they will perform as intended in a fire.The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order places this obligation with you. FIT’s dedicated Fire Door Inspection Crew provide you with a comprehensive report, covering these elements:
  • Door leaf
  • Door frame
  • Door closer (self-closing devices)
  • Hinges
  • Glazing (vision panels)
  • Fire safety signage
  • Hold open devices
  • Panic hardware devices
  • Gaps around doors and thresholds
  • Intumescent door strips
  • Cold smoke seals
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First Intervention Team Fire Doors

Fire Alarm System Assessments

Our team of time-served assessors diligently work to ensure that your fire alarm installations comply with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, Fire Alarm Standard BS 5839-1:2002 and also to meet Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) requirements specified in BS 8300. Amongst many criteria, we’ll check:
  • Alarm Control Panel including battery performance
  • All ‘Break Glass’ call points
  • All Sounders and Rotating/Strobe Beacons
  • All Smoke Detector Beam senders and receivers
  • All Heat Detectors
  • Magnetic door releases
  • Any other Fire Alarm/Detection Devices
We’ll affix, where accessible, Test labels to all alarm components, with the exception of Smoke Detector Beams, showing component number and test date. We’ll issue your Certificate of Fire Alarm Test and Report as specified below within 15 working days of completion of test.Your ‘Survey Report and Recommendations’, issued as a digital and A4 hard copy survey report will provide recommendations, based on assessment, for any ongoing inspection requirements that should be carried out by a ‘Competent Person’ and will detail the following:
    • Provision of all Technical Specification information
    • System test certificate
    • System component Pass/Fail schedule
    • A3 Schematic diagram showing system layout to include all system components
    • PST Priority Coded summary of system failures to include type of equipment, serial number, location and failure code rating identifying the remedial work required
    • Maintenance records and Log book to include requirements for in-house weekly, monthly, quarterly inspections.

Fire Extinguishing Equipment

The FIT Team audit , test and supply fire extinguishing equipment to over 250 large establishments that have between 25 & 2000 extinguishers on site. All of our British Standard Kitemarked fire extinguishers are fully approved and certified to EN3 ‘CE’ – PED and come with a 10 Year Guarantee.Our audit team are IFE accredited fire engineers, and usually ex-fire service personnel. So when you talk to a member of the FIT Team, you’re assured that there is genuine passion to do the right thing.

Fire Risk & Method Statements

You already know that risk assessments are really important. FIT take the hassle out of formulating and controlling the process. You’ll get our qualified professionals with key competencies in your industry, to work with you to understand the requirements and then work collaboratively with your teams to produce fully compliant documentation, either digitally or hard copy.We’ll help you save time and stay ahead of changing legislation by updating any change requirements.


Health & Safety Service

FIT are proud to provide our full HSE Turnkey service for many large and high-risk organisations. We take the confusion out of their Health & Safety compliance; provide the tools to create their risk assessments; get them on-track and keep them up-to-date on the latest legislation, saving time with our online tools. In addition, they call us for advice at anytime 24/7.
  • A local, qualified Health & Safety Consultant as your dedicated point of contact with expertise in your industry
  • We will act as your legally required Competent Person
  • Legal expense insurance pays for any legal costs in the event you need to defend a prosecution
  • Access to a web-based risk management system

Major Incident Scenario Planning and Execution

You’ve done your homework on the myriad Health & Safety suppliers and consultants, but how many of them have the ability to help you plan a full-mission, major incident drill. FIT was formed over 20 years ago by emergency service professionals working in the petrochemical industry. We’ve continued to employ professionals with decades of experience with major incidents.With our own fleet of fire tenders, ambulance and emergency vehicles, we can help you stage realistic and effective Major Incidents that test your people to help inform and guide future decisions and improvements.

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