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Equipment Hire for Gas Detection maintenance and Breathing Apparatus. Safety Equipment Hire in Essex, London and Kent.

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Safety Equipment Hire for Gas Detection and Breathing Apparatus.

Hire First Intervention Team specialists for Gas Detection Maintenance and Breathing Apparatus – Fall Arrest, Confined Space and Emergency Services.

Whether you’re working in a confined space or dealing with the challenges of a hazardous environment, First Intervention Team can supply the specialist safety equipment you require for either Hire or Sale.

First Intervention Team can also supply the training needed to safely operate any of the equipment.

Safety Equipment Hire : Gas Detection Hire Safety Equipment Hire : Gas Detection

Gas Detection Maintenance.

Gas leakage can be extremely hazardous to the health and safety of workers in the workplace, especially in instances where employees may be working in highly risk environments such as confined spaces.

There are number of different gases that employees should be protected from, including Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, Chlorine and many more which employees cannot detect. These can carry major health risks and even result in death, highlighting the importance of quality Gas Detection Services & Equipment as well as necessary procedural steps to be taken.

Hire Gas Detection Services:-

  • BW Microclip
  • BM25 Area Detector

First Intervention Team currently stock a large quantity of detectors within our hire fleet. All equipment has a minimum hire period of 1 week.

Breathing Apparatus.

First Intervention Team offers training courses covering the use of Breathing Apparatus in Essex & London.

When people are dealing with hazardous situations, they are going to need many different types of equipment to ensure their safety. It is important to make sure the equipment is used properly and is made from good quality materials.

Breathing Apparatus is something that needs to be used for places that the air is hazardous as well as in confined places.

First Intervention Team is trained and certified by breathing apparatus manufacturer’s to instructor level to ensure that the training provided for you is delivered to the highest possible standard and in line will all current legislation.

Safety Equipment Hire : Gas Detection Maintenance

First Intervention Team is recognised by numerous awarding bodies and currently hold ISO 9001 in Quality Management, ISO 14001 in Environmental Management System and BS OHAS 18001 in Occupational Health and Safety.
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