Confined Space Training

First Intervention Team provide Confined Space Training in Essex, London and Kent. Anyone who enters a confined space should be trained to recognise the dangers. All rescuers suitably trained and all supervision fully conversant with confined space awareness regulatory requirements.

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Confined Space Training.

Confined Spaces can KILL YOU! Every year in the UK, on average, 15 people are killed in confined spaces across a wide range of working environments. This varies from those involved in the operation of complex plant through to accessing storage vessels. Also, a large number of people are seriously injured. Unfortunately those losing their lives include not only people working in the confined space but those who try to rescue them without prior training or because they are using incorrect equipment.

Confined Space Training Essex

Confined Space Training London

Anyone who enters a confined space should receive Confined Space Training to recognise the dangers. Rescuers suitably trained and all supervision fully conversant with Confined Space Regulatory requirements.

Confined Space Training Courses

  • CS1 = Confined space working with or without Escape Breathing Apparatus : 1-Day Course.
  • CS2 = Confined Space Working with Breathing Apparatus with Back Packs or Airlines : 2-Day Course.
  • CS3 = All of the above plus Rescue and casualty Care : 3-Day Course.
  • VEC = Vessel Entry Controller / Man way Watchers : 4-Hour Course.
  • CSAW = Confined Space Awareness : 2-Hour Course.

The aim of Confined Space training courses is to enable the student to demonstrate knowledge of the Confined Space Regulations 1997 on completion of the course. Includes use of relevant procedures and issuing of permits. And if required, use of Breathing Apparatus and rescue equipment. Also, basic fire extinguishing and Emergency Life Support depending on which course is selected.

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ISO 9001 in Quality Management.
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BS OHAS 18001 in Occupational Health and Safety.